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Note: For current versions of Haxe, I suggest that you install sfgml and sfhx from git directly (via `haxelib git`). I will update the documentation soon.

sfGML is a custom Haxe compiler module that lets you write code for GameMaker projects in Haxe. That is, you can write high-level code in Haxe (utilising classes, interfaces, or many other features of the programming language) and have it compiled to equivalent GML code.

That said, the primary purpose of the module is easing the task of writing code that is just too problematic to deal with in plain GML - be that due to lack of syntax features or lack of compile-time checking. Of course, you can also write an entire game in it if you much desire.

In other words, this is currently the best you can get if you ever wanted to write code for GM games in C++ or C# or anything else finely object-oriented.

Current status:

As you might know, I have been working on this for a while (since early 2015) - compiler work is no easy task! As the topic of language features gets brought up increasingly more often in past years, I thought that people would appreciate having access to this before the decade is over, and decided to polish things up to an easily usable state and hold a public beta of sorts. Maybe there would be donations and I could dedicate more time to it. But let's not get dreamy

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