Apr 29, 2018

- Fixed Haxe standard library overrides not binding sometimes (particularly if just adding the libraries as classpaths instead of actual haxelibs).
- Added @:snakeCase metadata
- Added @:expose2 metadata (for easier externs)
- Renamed and documented -D sf_hint_const.
- Object literals { ... } for @:nativeGen typedefs are now expanded into array literals [ ... ] when there are no side effects.
- Ternary operators and object/array literals are now slightly less workaroundish in GMS1 when compiling to an extension (rather than a script group).

- Reorganized the download so that it can be copied to haxelib directory straight away.
- A copy of documentation HTML is now included.

- Fixed Sprite missing a few ":Void" suffixes (because itch builds are based on my working copy instead of last commit)
- Expanded gml.Draw to cover all common primitive functions.
- Added externs for most drawing-related things to gml.gpu.*
- Moved Texture and Surface from gml.assets.* to gml.gpu.*


sfgml.zip 393 kB
Version Apr 5, 2019 Apr 05, 2019
sfgml.zip 393 kB
Version Apr 29, 2018 Apr 29, 2018

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