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This mod for Nuclear Throne Together re-purposes the "molesarge" enemy from Mansion into a playable character. It was originally developed as an example of a "feature-complete" mod (code is appropriately commented), but can be entertaining to play with even if you have no interest in modding yourself.

Active ability: Exchanges an amount of currently unused (non-primary/secondary type) ammo for an ammo pickup. Ultra mutations improve this ability.

Passive ability: When you are hit, a number of projectiles (based on damage taken) is shot from your secondary weapon - half at your expense (ammo/rads), and half for free. The weapon is put onto cooldown with this. Throne Butt increases the number of projectiles shot for free.

Known issues and considerations: Certain combinations of weapons and mutations produce ridiculous effects, even though at expense of rapidly emptying your secondary ammo clip.

Requires Nuclear Throne Together v9912 or newer.

CategoryGame mod
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
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TagsNuclear Throne Together, ntt-race


molesarge.zip 10 kB

Install instructions

  1. Install Nuclear Throne Together.
  2. Extract the archive into "mods" directory of the game directory.
  3. On character screen, press T, "/load molesarge", Enter
  4. The character should now be loaded and appear at the end of character list on menu.


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Can you DM me the font to write a character's name on the character select I need it so bad

That’s sprBigNameFont, it was hand-drawn by Paul

where can I find it?

(2 edits)

(it's okay if you don't see anything, there is a png picture with only white color)


OMG esta rotisimo,te que buenisimo crack :)

(3 edits)

"Safe Play" is unbelievably OP; defeated Captain in one try. Perhaps a better idea for an ultra would be to make your bullets travel faster? Like the bullets that come out of the molesarge's shotgun. Or just more retaliation projectiles.

The active ability in general is pretty powerful for any fights that might otherwise starve you for pickups, as you now have a kind of stockpile. Less so for loops.

its so crazy it might actually work