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This mod for Nuclear Throne Together re-purposes unused "medium dog" sprites from Community Remix into a playable character for the current version of the game. Intended to be slightly absurd but still reasonably playable/balanced (as opposed to original Apr 01 Big Dog character). 

Passive ability: Medium Dog is a bit bigger and hardier than an average NT character,

  • Maximum health is 24 (32 with Rhino Skin)
  • Health pickups restore 4 health each (8 with Extra Stomach)
  • Boiling veins caps health at 7 minimum (instead of 4)
  • Moves slightly slower (a bit slower than Skeleton)
  • Accuracy is slightly lower (roughly like Skeleton)
  • Hitbox is slightly bigger.
  • Can only carry one weapon, second one is locked to missiles (see below).

Active ability: Missiles! These have an average cooldown and are basically smaller, homing nukes. Throne Butt reduces cooldown by a lot and makes these fully automatic (be careful not to chain explosions into yourself though!). Ultra mutations grant these... additional damage potential, let's call it that.

Requires Nuclear Throne Together v9912 or newer.

Feel free to edit as you see fit.

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mdog.zip 16 kB

Install instructions

  1. Install Nuclear Throne Together. Beta builds can be found on Discord.
  2. Extract the archive into "mods" directory of the game directory.
  3. On character screen, press T, "/load mdog", Enter
  4. The character should now be loaded and appear at the end of character list on menu.


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the best character i've ever seen :)


The worst character i've ever seen :(


My condolences

Hello, I want to edit the sprites of the game but I do not know with what program, do you help me?

For base game: YYTextureView

For NTT, simple: /loadsprite (see FAQ)

For NTT, advanced: sprite_replace, skin mods


Thank you for creating this character! My friend always gets nervous when I pick MDog since I spam missiles in his direction. PS: we don't even use boiling veins.

The ultras were hilarious! By the way - what was your reasoning for not including the spin-bullethell attack that Big Dog does?

Thanks! I wanted to make MDog non-standard, but still viable to play under normal circumstances, which is why I settled for allowing to carry one "normal" weapon instead of having the spin attack on LMB. This also made space for having TB and ultras centered around nukes exclusively.

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Where can one find this so-called v9912? The downloads only go up to v9900.

Beta versions can be downloaded from partnered Discord server.

I had no idea. Thanks! Really good to know.