1.0.3 - small fixes

  • Added tj_opt_ident_keys(enable)
    Native-only, enabling this allows to load technically-invalid JSON like { one: 1, two: 2 } (note the missing quotes around keys)
  • Fixed tj_encode handling UTF-8 glyphs in strings incorrectly.
  • Fixed a somewhat exotic issue where TJSON could confuse object patterns that have opposite-order key sets (a, b vs b, a) while one is being constructed via tj_object and other comes from tj_decode.
  • Fixed `false` and `null` keys with tj_opt_value_keys(true) being considered the same as far as looking up a key->index map went.
    (also somewhat exotic - had no reports of this)
  • Minimum supported GMS1 version had been bumped to 1.4.1773 (mid-2017) to get rid of some nasty workarounds that were costing a bit of performance. All currently available GMS2 versions are supported, same as before.


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Mar 26, 2019

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