v1.0.1 is now released!

This update adds several helper functions, improves general consistency of returned values, and overhauls the demo to avoid clashes if importing the resources from it directly.

  • Added functions: file_find_attributes, file_find_size, file_get_size.
  • Documentation is now available online and included with the asset (see GMZ).
  • Most functions now return strictly true/false; full error code is stored in nsfs_status (see doc).
  • Fixed buffer_load_ns returning -1 for valid-but-empty files.
  • The demo no longer uses overly generic resource names.


nsfs.gmez 61 kB
May 06, 2017
nsfs-demo.gmz 68 kB
May 06, 2017
nsfs-demo.zip 2 MB
May 06, 2017

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