1.1 - new functions, source code release

  • The DLL is now smaller (~16KB)
  • There’s now an x64 version of the DLL
  • Added file_get_ctime_ns, file_get_mtime_ns, file_get_atime_ns for retrieving creation/modification/access times for files.
  • I have released the source code of the extension.
    It is but a pile of WinAPI calls.


nsfs-for-GMS2.yymp 28 kB
Version 1.1 Sep 29, 2022
nsfs-for-GMS2.3+.yymps 33 kB
Version 1.1 Sep 29, 2022
nsfs-for-GMS1.gmez 29 kB
Version 1.1 Sep 29, 2022

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Hello YelloAfterLife!

I want to ask if this asset will work on android export ?

Hello, it will not - this is a DLL for Windows.

I don’t think you can do much more than the built-in functions allow you to on Android, but you can work with the SD card if you know the path to it (shown in file managers)

Hello, YelloAfterLife!

While I greatly appreciate that this extension was updated, the GMS1 version of the package isn't a simple "drop in and replace" for Shang Mu Architect (A Freedom Planet fan game I'm working on!)

I deleted the old version of the extension from the project, then clean-imported this update. Most attempts to access the file system, outside the sandbox, crashes both test builds and compiled builds. Either build also falls back on default mappings, because they can't find the config file in the game's directory.

Querying file lists from folders also only half works; the game will display the first five INI file names it retrieved from the folder, but  can't read their contents when asked to, and scrolling further through the file list beyond the second file crashes the game.

For the interim, I've reverted to the older extension and everything seems fine again. Is there something I'm missing?

I’ll need a small sample project that reproduces the issues - I tried text functions and file find functions and both seem to work fine.