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This DLL adds back the display_set_all function on Windows. The syntax is as following:

display_set_all(width, height, frequency, coldepth, flags)➜bool

Changes one or more display parameters.

Width and height are in pixels.

Frequency is in hertz (e.g. 60).

Color depth can be 16 or 32 (I don't suggest touching it).

Flags can be:

  • 0 Default behaviour (change and that's it)
  • display_settings_flag_fullscreen Uses CDS_FULLSCREEN - settings will generally revert upon exiting the game.
  • display_settings_flag_test Uses CDS_TEST - tests whether the combination of settings is supported without applying. (display_test_all is included as a convenience shorthand and uses this)

width/height/frequency/coldepth can be set to 0 to leave them untouched.

Returns whether successful.

display_test_all(width, height, frequency, coldepth)➜bool

A shorthand for display_set_all(width, height, frequency, coldepth, display_settings_flag_test).

display_set_size(width, height)➜bool

A shorthand for display_set_all(width, height, 0, 0, 0).


A shorthand for display_set_all(0, 0, frequency, 0, 0).


A shorthand for display_set_all(0, 0, frequency, 0, 0).


// changes resolution to 1920x1080
display_set_size(1920, 1080); 
// sets refresh rate to 75Hz if supported, to 60Hz otherwise
if (display_test_all(0, 0, 75, 0)) {
} else display_set_frequency(60); 
// error handling
if (!display_set_all(1920, 1080, 75, 0, 0)) {
     show_message("Couldn't change to 1920x1080@75Hz!");


  • GameMaker: Studio
    Import the GMEZ by right-clicking Extensions folder in the resource tree and picking "Import extension"
  • GameMaker Studio 2
    Import the YYMP[S] by drag and dropping it onto your workspace or picking menu:Tools➜Import Local Package
    (use YYMP in GMS≤2.2.5 an YYMPS in newer versions)


Author: YellowAfterlife
License: MIT
Source code

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display_settings-for-GMS1.gmez 6 kB
Version 1.0.0
display_settings-for-GMS2.yymp 8 kB
Version 1.0.0
display_settings-for-GMS2.3+.yymps 14 kB
Version 1.0.0


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Great work, thank you!