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This is a mod of Vlambeer's "Wasteland Kings" (which was later developed into Nuclear Throne).

It tweaks a couple of things, but, most importantly, adds local and online multiplayer support for up to 4 players.

Would be great to hear from you on what works, what doesn't, and whether you think that this kind of online multiplayer would suit the actual game.

Not affiliated with Vlambeer.

Me: Twitter · Tumblr · VK (ru)

News (April 9, 2016):
v1034 introduces a Linux version for both "raw" and Steam-based multiplayer. Currently without cross-platform multiplayer.

PlatformsWindows, Linux
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(18 total ratings)
Made withGameMaker
TagsCo-op, GameMaker, local-co-cop, Local multiplayer, Multiplayer, Nuclear Throne, online-multiplayer
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityConfigurable controls
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer, Ad-hoc networked multiplayer
Player count1 - 4


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WastelandKings-1034-steam-windows.zip 8 MB
WastelandKings-1035-windows-beta.zip 8 MB


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can you slow the game down?

Ядерный Тhrone появился и на Андроиде и там нет локального мультиплеера!

Ядерный Трон на андроиде к настоящему трону не имеет никакого отношения — он сделан на основе всё этого же Wasteland Kings (в котором мультиплеера изначально не было).

epic lags in online (I have good conection)

is this a game or a mod for nuclear throne because i dont have it

This is a standalone mod for the earliest version of Nuclear Throne, which was made available for free.

I'd generally recommend Nuclear Throne Together over this if you can acquire the game sometime.

Deleted 3 years ago

Unfortunately this is unlikely to have much resolution as this was a free mod and I don't have access to game engine's source code to even attempt troubleshooting distro-specific oddities.

Deleted 3 years ago

Multiplayer doesn't work :'(

Mas personajes , boses , historia , armas , etc 

how do I play with friends whenever I try the game says connection timed out

When my 2 friends join the game I am hosting, it displays: missing link. The game works with two players but not with more, is there a fix for this? (I am also using the port fowarding method. In addition the game freezes if I hit enter to go to the character select).


That means that your computer cannot connect (UDP hole-punching) them together. If one of them can open a port, that may help. Using software that simulates LAN (Hamachi, Evolve) can also help. Using Steam-based version of the mod (if you can) also helps, since then it's up to Steam to figure out how to connect everyone together.

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Okay! Which port should one of the players open? Should it be the same as what the host is using, or just a random port? I also didnt mention this before, but thanks again for making wasteland kings playable with other players across the world, its a great addition to the game!

i wanted to start modding on game maker, so i wanted to ask if by any chance i could get the source code for this :3

Since the original source code comes from a paid bundle, it is not legal to distribute .

I'd suggest looking into Relic Hunters Zero modding, which is a similar kind of game that embraces modding and open-source structure.

thanks for the suggestion, but Relic Hunters Zero seems much more complicated to code weapons for, how do i know that you may ask? because i already have the source code for the original release of WK; what i wanted to do is mod your version and share it with my friends, i dont even plan on putting it on the internet, i just want to fuck around with it and learn a couple things, also, the OG code doesnt seem to like GM:S free very much, dunno why, not to mention that ugly font.

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Wow, neat. I modded WK and I had a bad time just putting in support for a second player. I have it on itch.io called Champion of the Wastes.

Do you have to make Nuclear Throne on Steam go to the very first game in the versions tab or is the online PVP automatic when you own it?

Nuclear Throne version installed doesn't matter - the mod is standalone and only needs the user to own NT so that it can use Steam API' networking functions intended for the game.

are there any unlockables in wasteland kings?

Apart of introducing a menu, a faux disc gun, and fixing a few bugs, WKT is much equivalent to the original Wasteland Kings, so there’s really not a lot going on.

Not what I meant, I meant that because you have the code, can you tell me if there is anything to be unlocked?

There is not

can you just name some popular distros, thanks for the dependicies thourgh kinda looks like i wont be able to run this on Ubuntu MATE on raspberry pi 3 unfortunately, but should run fine in terms on processing power.

I was personally testing on more-or-less stock setups of Ubuntu 14 LTS and Ubuntu 15;

YoYo Games (makers of software used to make this game and mod) have put up a bunch of games for Pi and recommend RASPBIAN JESSIE for that.

Thanks anyway, through. Hopefully I'm getting a new computer, so I can get Ubuntu on my old computer. Another question, does this work natively with gamepads that use hid drivers on windows, and another thing, when I try to run this/Super Crate Box Together, I always get InitPointExcuteOnce couldn't find KERNEL32.DLL in the dynamic link library. I installed XP 64bit SP2, but this error still happens. This is the main reason why I was asking to see if this would run on Pi 3. (Can't believe I remembered the whole error without looking at it....) Thanks for making this in active dev by the way, have played this on different computer, and works great, even on a terrible network, AND without Hamichi!?!?!?!? Wow, dude, wow.

About Windows XP, there can be some issues here and there. I asked around, and uploaded a test build (1035-windows-beta) that might fix that. Do tell if that helps.

About gamepads, the games currently use functions that map to XInput API. This means that not all gamepads will detect by default, but that can be fixed with software like x360ce or JoyTokey. Apparently this is going to be addressed in one of the upcoming updates of the program, so I'll be updating the games to have support for all kinds of gamepads out of box when that's out.

I think the situation is similar for controller support on Linux - it supports some controllers, and improvements are planned in future.

And thanks!

what version of linux does this work on?

It should run on a lot of distros. Dependencies are


I did describe things in a bit more detail on Reddit.

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This was really really fun! I am going to get all my friends on it. Thanks for the multiplayer mod and local player co-op stuff! <-- I found out about the game because I was googling for multiplayer couch co-op games.


Ok so I like to couch play with my friends on the same laptop. Does anyone know how to setup the aiming for the two keyboard controls. I mean i know how to setup the shooting. I want it to aim in the direction I move. So if i move left then i want the aim of the gun to aim left and vice versa as well as up and down. I will include what I have done so far and if anyone could help that would be great. I tried already and can only get it to face one direction. Is there like a negative y or negative x axis because if there is I can just set the controls. Any help would be much appreciated.



































I also downloaded SuperCrateBox Multiplayer as well and was hoping that if you can do 2 people couch multiplayer it would also work with SuperCrateBox as Well as Wasteland Kings.


There kind of is negative and positive side to an axis - in fact, all inputs are mathematical expressions, so to add a negative side to both you would just do:


You can also use parenthesis `()` and basic operators `+ - * / % < <= > >= == <> && ||`, so it might be possible to finetune keyboard aiming to a usable state. If not, I'll be looking to further expand what is possible to do with this in future.

Ok thanks!

Ok so the


Was working quite well until I got the part where I leveled up and had to pick a perk at which point I could not point to the perk to select. Could there be a way that per se everytime I clicked the W button it would move the aimer so far up and click the S to move it a increment down. Like so you could move it in increments of like a couple cm?

Tried Messing around with it already and Nothing i tried worked.

If you could help that would be great. Thanks!

If you have a mouse (as opposed to a trackpad), the simplest solution would be to make a scheme that uses a part of the keyboard and the mouse, and assign it to the first player slot (first player is the one that picks the mutations).

Otherwise, you could, for example, make it so that a couple of other keys would move the cursor to where the mutation buttons are,


I'll include a couple of new things for control schemes in the next update.

1.- agregen mas personajes o inventen un personajes

2.- agregen todos los mapas si es que pueden y diferentes modos

3.- agregen armas del juego o inventadas

4.- y variedad de idiomas (opcional porque no cambia mucho :V )

It's tricky.

Can't use characters/weapons/levels from Nuclear Throne because that wouldn't be legal (with how the mod works right now).

Making new things would take a while (Nuclear Throne itself took a few years to make).

Perhaps I'll get to implement online multiplayer for another game like this.

Hopefully this message translates correctly.

uegoteuna esuna esjes s poren agrporfav

Haven't played yet, super excited to. Might want to consult Vlambeer about the PWYW, as most companies wouldn't be happy about you making money off of heavily their work. Would be a shame to see something this cool taken down.

I have had a response from Rami on forums, they seem to be fine with PWYW (with no minimum amount it's more of a Pay If You'd Like anyway) so long as the mod does not borrow materials from the main game while being standalone (thus allowing the user to potentially obtain some portion of the main game without paying).


Hi was this game Built in unity 5

No, this game mod was made in GameMaker: Studio (same as the original game).


Deleted 3 years ago

Hopefully in some non-distant future - I'm yet to obtain a Mac for building and debugging on OSX target. Till then, GameMaker: Studio games seem to run perfectly fine in Wine\Crossover even on below-average hardware.