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This package allows you to capture arbitrary regions of user's desktop into Texture2Ds - from capturing small snippets to performing multi-display captures of entire desktops. It also includes a few functions for enumerating user's displays.

This can be used for a variety of things:

  • Screensavers involving the desktop beneath
    (like "Bubbles" in Win7+; see DSS-Screensaver demo)
  • Integrating parts or entirety of user's desktop into game elements
    (see BLAWK, which used GM version of this package)
  • Custom screenshot/timelapse tools
  • GIF recorders (within reasonable - see notes)
  • Accessibility tools (magnifiers, previewing a portion of a screen through a shader - see DSS-Magnifier demo)
  • (and so on)

Supported platforms: Windows (x86), Windows (x86_64)
Supported runtimes: Mono, IL2CPP
Supported versions: Unity 4.0+
No DLLs involved, no additional dependencies, includes source code!


Buy Now$9.95 USD or more

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Download demo

DesktopScreenshotsDemo-Magnifier.zip 14 MB
DesktopScreenshotsDemo-Screensaver.zip 13 MB
DesktopScreenshotsDemo-Physics.zip 13 MB