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Links: spelunky.fyi page

This little mod allows you to cycle through items via Up+Use and drop them via Down+Use when not carrying a backpack item (and if you are, remember that you can drop those via Down+Use).

Doing so can come handy if one of the players dies more often than the rest (be it from skill difference or simply getting Spelunked more than usual) - now, instead of having the player walk around empty-handed as you're struggling to carry all of the stuff, you can drop some of your items for them to pick up.

This mod was supposed to work in online matches, but apparently there are some big issues with Overlunky/Playlunky scripted mods online - as of writing this, the game simply undoes any attempt to mess with the game state - even when it's just changing an unused variable on the player (perhaps this is desync correction or anti-cheat?). Perhaps one day!


  • Some items aren't so easy to drop - e.g. the Eggplant Crown effect stays until you pick up anything (e.g. a rock) and drop that.
  • There are no doubt countless ways that this can be exploited, not unlike things that you can do with 3 or 4 players in a match.

Special thanks to:

  • fenex for a reference mod (Backpack)
  • Dregu for answering a handful of my questions

Note: as of writing this (Feb 9, 2022), stable version of Playlunky is yet of include support for grabbing an item's texture by item type, so trying to use the mod with it will show item name instead. Using Overlunky or a nightly version of Playlunky helps.


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gib-items.zip 2 kB


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Damn that's a really cool mod. I've been following you for a while and you make some great stuff!

Thank you!


This guy get it done.