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It is very slow to play, only 25-30 FPS. My screen is 60 FPS. After using "gms_scheduler_fix", it is stable at 30 FPS. But it is very fast to play. Is there any way to make it run at 60 FPS?

Not that I know of - Spelunky SD is based on the original Spelunky Classic 1.1 source code, which was programmed for running at 30fps specifically. You could force the game to run at 60fps, but everything will just move twice as fast.


wonderful mod, thank you

How do i play "Multiplayer"  with my sister? Port 5934 isn't working, it says we "Failed to connect, try again!"! Plz help! Thanks,

If you’re on the same WiFi/local network, you can use your local IP (like to connect (but still make sure that the game is allowed in Windows Firewall).

If you’re not, you’ll either have to port forward (look for instructions for your router) or use a VPN service like ZeroTier, Radmin VPN, Hamachi, etc.

Thanks, help is appreciated.

I'm stuck on the username screen and i am pressing enter but it doesn't work :(

Plz make it so i can click "Confirm" thanks.

Press Down, then Enter.

thanks bro.

You know, adding the skins from HD as pixel versions of themselves would be great for the multiplayer.

I could look into it for a future update (whenever that’ll be) but someone would have to draw those sprites first.

This requires a few animations:

  1. Idle
  2. Being held in hands of other player (optional)
  3. Looking upwards
  4. Running
  5. Looking upwards while running
  6. Jumping (moving upwards)
  7. Falling (moving downwards)
  8. Ducking (holding down, no movement)
  9. Crouching (holding down and moving)
  10. Hanging on something (like edge of block, or wall with gloves)
  11. Duck-to-hang transition (over the corner of a block)
  12. Climbing a ladder
  13. Climbing a rope upwards
  14. Climbing a rope downwards
  15. Pushing a block
  16. Attacking
  17. "Whoa" (showing when standing on an edge of a block)
  18. Bouncing while stunned/dead
  19. Dead on the ground
  20. Stunned on the ground
  21. Stunned/dead, flying left
  22. Stunned/dead, flying right
  23. Stunned/dead, falling
  24. Entering a door
  25. Waiting while being used as a damsel style (optional)
  26. Kissing (damsel)
  27. Yelling (damsel)
  28. Being eaten by a plant.

You can look at existing sprites using YYTextureView.

Spelunky 2 has pixel renditions of skins but it’s just a single frame for UI - no animations.

Currently you have /style with 3 default animations and a very poorly drawn “cube with legs” that I made in 2013. Default (spelunker) style can be customized via /color.

Time for me to go a-modding, then.

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