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Spelunky SD is an expansion and modification of Derek Yu's Spelunky Classic.

It introduces a number of improvements to the original game, fixing bugs, adding optional features (such as commands or game modes), and, most notably, adding online multiplayer support for up to 4 players.

Announcement post: http://yal.cc/introducing-spelunky-sd/

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How I install game on Linux mint 64? 

See this or this - the binary is 32-bit so you need to install dependencies for it to run.

Wait, I should just install the dependencies or what should I do I still didn't understand I'm not strong in linux! Help me

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I should just install the dependencies

Supposedly so! I’m not that good at Linux either, so if you get errors beyond missing dependencies, it might be better to ask somewhere more Linux-centric

Forcing the game to fullscreen isnt working properly and the default window size is way too small for it to be played comfortably in my computer. Is there any fix for this?

You can press F1..F4 to set the window scale, or, if 4x is not enough, open spelunky.ini in %LOCALAPPDATA%\SpelunkySD and edit the scale yourself

On the First screen I cant press confirm. Can someone help me please?

On the menu, default confirm key is Enter

In-game (on title screen with doors), you enter using V or Space I think

is there any way to access the level editor or custom levels?

I’m fairly sure that I had to strip both out early in development since the level editor introduced a handful of extra complexity while playing levels online meant being able to sync level files on demand.

In the case of using ZeroTier do you need to host a with a specific port or ip?

can we please have mac?

The game runs fine under WINE/CrossOver, but a native version is currently unlikely - you may thank Apple for their prolonged efforts in quickly deprecating hardware and requiring developers to pay them a yearly fee even if an application is not being distributed through App Store (“notarization”).


This game is a lot of fun with some friends!

Would you think of possibly making the source code public? I'd love to have a crack at porting this to Mac! 

you can find the source code here https://www.spelunkyworld.com/original.html 

ps, tell me if you get it onto mac!

There are a few hundred hours worth of changes between the original Spelunky Classic source code and what Spelunky SD is. Perhaps a few dozen less if you take the Humble Bundle version that’s already imported to GM:S.

Is it possible to run server headless on a VPS? How much resources does it need?

There is no server, this is a P2P game.


The Linux version works great!  This awesome mod still runs fine with the right libraries included.  The easiest way to get those lib files is to download River Raid Squadron.  Then, replace the RRS game files with those from this game, and edit and rename the rrs script to launch this game instead.  RRS and more details here: https://juanitogan.itch.io/river-raid-squadron/devlog/175520/linux-32-bit-game-o...

How do I change my controls? I scearched all over the readme but couldn't find it.

It’s /remap <button name> <input>

So /remap jump Z (letter Z for jump) or /remap left -gp1x (move left when left axis of gamepad 1 is negative/left)

Also see https://itch.io/post/467149

Im trying to run it with archlinux and I dont know how anyone know how.

I could also run it (as an exe) through WINE but I dont know how.

Please someone help

I and a friend want to play it, but we ca'nt with the other. Are there still a server?

You'll need to port forward or use Hamachi/equivalent. The matchmaking server had been dead for... 2-3 years maybe? That cost money and all.

Could you link to a tutorial or something for it? Me and my friend tried but couldn't get that to work. Also, can't belive your still answer questions, thanks.

this is so dope fr, although a local multiplayer mode would be pretty killer :>

Since this is all pixelart, at most I could do awkward 8:3 or 4:6 splitscreen

maybe you wouldnt need to do split screen? maybe itd just be how it is in HD/2,, i think that might be easier to do

Could Someone make a tutorial (and post a link or something) on how to run it in linux I've tried too many websites and Im so confused.

As the person below pointed out, you might be better off running this through WINE - the Linux binary is 32-bit and has some ancient dependencies.

I'd probably remake this from scratch in the current version of GameMaker if I had time - so much had changed.

Thanks could you show me how I'm not very good with computers yet.

For linux users, running the .exe version via windows is very simple and seems to work great! The linux build seems to rely on some old libraries and I was not even able to get it to run, so just grab the .exe and lunch it via lutris/wine.

Could You or Someone make a tutorial (and post a link or something) on how to run it in linux I've tried too many websites and Im so confused.

Is there some way to change the controls? I would really appreciate it!

nvm, i just didnt read properly lo

This is so cool!

how do I use a controller

See my reply a little down the page https://itch.io/post/467445

It keeps crashing on Linux

If it's something nondescript like a segfault and you already installed the dependencies, the game might be too old.

It might sound stupid but i cant confirm my name. when I press enter or click confirm nothing happens.

You have to press down to switch to "confirm" before picking the menu item via Enter

Can someone explain to me, how to play with other People? I cant figure it out :(

I can't seem to play 3/4 player. I can't add extra players. How do I enable this?

You don't have to do anything particular, just have extra players join by your IP-port:

If you are later unable to start due to some players not being connected to each other, you'll need a virtual private network app like Hamachi.

I am attempting to do online multiplayer with two other friends, but I can't seem to get the mod to start a server at all, for it seems that my port remains closed. I have verified the previous version (v1.111) creates a server on the internet. Does the new version (v1.190) of the mod start a server that can be seen across the internet or only on local area connections?


It also appears that my sound has completely stopped functioning, except music and the damsel call out sound effect. I do /music 20, but the music resets back to 100% when i start a new level. This happens across both versions. How did this even happen?

See if you have allowed the game in firewall? It'd be a separate entry unless you overwrote the same executable. I don't think anything changed about how the networking functions between these versions.

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I've allowed it through both public and private networks, but the connection still doesn't seem to exist.

Can u make it compatible on Android please


"Spelunky Classic HD" had an Android version I recall.

I tried to get mine to work on Android at some point, but it wouldn't run well enough and the way I did multiplayer didn't work well on mobile, so I eventually abandoned that idea for lack of time.

If your goal is to play Spelunky on Android, you could try Parsec or other software of kind that lets you stream the game from your computer?

Ok thanks

how does the multiplayer work?


If you mean from player's perspective, one person needs to "port forward" and then the other connects to them by IP-port after they host a game.

If you mean implementation-wise, it is deterministic networking over UDP protocol.

Deleted 2 years ago

what secrets worlds

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can please make another update and in that update can you a new option men , a server list ( so people can play even with no friends like me ) and new skins please.oh and my music and sound is gone can you tell me how to enable it without f keys because i tried to press them but it did not work and  i know for sure the my f keys work so please help me


There used to be a server list for maybe two years ("multiplayer" menu item in this version), but people didn't really play the mod that often, so I eventually stopped paying for that, and now there's not. Maybe there's a Spelunky-related chat somewhere where you could look for people to play with?

As to skins, I regret to inform that the weird robot thing is about how far my art skills go. The rest of the characters are those that were already playable in the base game.

Seems like the screen is half black on the left, then half the screen on the right? So it's as if the game's screen is pushed over 50% of the way.


Is that on Linux? Someone had that issue before and it turned out to be something conflicting with their window manager, but I cannot recall what it was specifically.

Nope. Windows 10.

In that case I have no further guesses other than trying to update graphics drivers or running the game windowed.

why did you fix what wasnt broken. the last build was amazing, you could just map controls normally now you need to type in bs commands :(

I have answered that exactly one comment below yours.

oh, well i just downloaded the previous version.

So im confused on how to map the gamepad controls in this build, it was much more simple in past builds with the menu. But now with typing /remap i dont know how to bind controller inputs. If you could help that would be awesome.


It's like

/remap jump gp1b1

for gamepad 1, button 1 (1-4 are front buttons, 5-8 are triggers/bumpers, 9-10 are Start/Select)


/remap left -gp1x
/remap right gp1x

for X axis (either analog or dpad)

Sorry for the mess - Spelunky SD is (I think) my 3rd most popular mod, but also the one that utterly failed to attract any support for my months of work (grand total of $11 in donations), so, to save time, the newer features are mostly mashed up from parts of other mods or personal projects, and these don't always work with each other, so they get swapped out for something else that still works whenever I need to update a big chunk of it.


Sad to see that not much support was put forward, this is a great mod and I'd love to see more work put towards it, but thats your choice. My friends and I have been playing this mod over Frozlunky for Spelunky HD everyday for a cweek or two now because of more stability and a higher max players and better screen systems. Good Job dude.

libcurl.so.4 doesn't existe on ubuntu18.04...

The dependency list can be found in this old post.

quick question: how do you change controls? I have both spelunky classic and sd from Itch.io

There's a chat command called "/remap". Writing it as-is shows names of inputs. Doing "/remap <name>" shows what the current mapping is. Doing like "/remap attack S" changes mapping. Supports some basic expression operators (e.g. "S|D" to accept either of two, or "gp1x<-0.5" for custom deadzones on gamepad).

hey can you write or make a video showing a tutorial about this? i got so many errors

Uhh like can I play this like...uhh local...uhh coop???? UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH?

or uhhh is it just uhhh online plauyherh and not multiplauyherh

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It doesn't have local coop because it is not possible to zoom out the camera (like in Spelunky HD) due to pixelart, but you can open an extra window(s) of the game alongside, "host direct" on one of them, and "join direct" (with default IP-port) on the other(s). Then each window will follow their own player, kind of like ad-hoc split screen.


hey when the game is online its in spacewar on steam, that cant screw with my steam account or get me any viruses can it

im just hella concerned

Removing "steam_api.dll" should fix that. I was doing some tests as to whether SSD could be made to use Steam API like Wasteland Kings Together does, and apparently left the files in.

OHMYGOSH! I love this game but multiplayer is amazing. Thank you so much for putting this together. Really. This is great.

Love your work!

Ok so it's probably asking a lot but what would really be cool if you could do a local, online, or couch multiplayer for Binding of Isaac. This would be phenomenal, I mean I know it would be a lot of work because of game mechanics and all but that would be absolutely amazing.

Thanks once again.


Alas, it's not so easy - I was able to add online multiplayer to this selection of games because they are all freeware titles, and the developers had published the source files for them somewhere.

While (with a lot of time and effort) it is possible to mod some games even without having the associated source code, it is highly impractical, and I think in such cases it should be up to the developer of the game to hire someone to do online multiplayer implementation (moreover if the game is commercial and stuff).

Additionally, the original Binding of Isaac is said to be made with very outdated tools, noticeably lowering the odds of it being possible to do anything new with it, even if the developers were to decide to do something with it. No idea about the new one.

This makes sense. Thanks.