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Spelunky SD is an expansion and modification of Derek Yu's Spelunky Classic.

It introduces a number of improvements to the original game, fixing bugs, adding optional features (such as commands or game modes), and, most notably, adding online multiplayer support for up to 4 players.

Announcement post: http://yal.cc/introducing-spelunky-sd/

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hey when the game is online its in spacewar on steam, that cant screw with my steam account or get me any viruses can it

im just hella concerned

Removing "steam_api.dll" should fix that. I was doing some tests as to whether SSD could be made to use Steam API like Wasteland Kings Together does, and apparently left the files in.

OHMYGOSH! I love this game but multiplayer is amazing. Thank you so much for putting this together. Really. This is great.

Love your work!

Ok so it's probably asking a lot but what would really be cool if you could do a local, online, or couch multiplayer for Binding of Isaac. This would be phenomenal, I mean I know it would be a lot of work because of game mechanics and all but that would be absolutely amazing.

Thanks once again.

Alas, it's not so easy - I was able to add online multiplayer to this selection of games because they are all freeware titles, and the developers had published the source files for them somewhere.

While (with a lot of time and effort) it is possible to mod some games even without having the associated source code, it is highly impractical, and I think in such cases it should be up to the developer of the game to hire someone to do online multiplayer implementation (moreover if the game is commercial and stuff).

Additionally, the original Binding of Isaac is said to be made with very outdated tools, noticeably lowering the odds of it being possible to do anything new with it, even if the developers were to decide to do something with it. No idea about the new one.

This makes sense. Thanks.