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the best character i've ever seen :)


The worst character i've ever seen :(


My condolences

Hello, I want to edit the sprites of the game but I do not know with what program, do you help me?

For base game: YYTextureView

For NTT, simple: /loadsprite (see FAQ)

For NTT, advanced: sprite_replace, skin mods


Thank you for creating this character! My friend always gets nervous when I pick MDog since I spam missiles in his direction. PS: we don't even use boiling veins.

The ultras were hilarious! By the way - what was your reasoning for not including the spin-bullethell attack that Big Dog does?

Thanks! I wanted to make MDog non-standard, but still viable to play under normal circumstances, which is why I settled for allowing to carry one "normal" weapon instead of having the spin attack on LMB. This also made space for having TB and ultras centered around nukes exclusively.

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Where can one find this so-called v9912? The downloads only go up to v9900.

Beta versions can be downloaded from partnered Discord server.

I had no idea. Thanks! Really good to know.