A downloadable mod

A debug console style mod for Nuclear Throne Together.

For a more "visual" sort of mod of this kind, see Yokin's Cheats mod.


Command, examplesDescription
/wep <weapon name>
/wep screwdriver
/wep flame shotgun
Gives you a weapon and some ammo.
Supports mod weapons.
/mut <mutation name>
/mut scarier face
/mut -bloodlust
Gives you a mutation.
Prefix with "-" to remove a mutation.
Supports mod mutations.
/crown <crown name>
/crown blood
/crown none
Gives you a crown.
Use "none" to remove the crown.
Supports mod crowns.
/rad <amount>
/rad 50
Gives you rad(s).
/level <number>
/level 10
Changes your level.
/spawn <obj> [n] [vars]
/spawn AmmoPickup
/spawn Maggot 4
/spawn Bandit {"my_health":0}
Spawns an object.
A number can be set for quantity.
A JSON string can be provided
to set object's variable(s).
/goto <area-subarea> [Lx]
/goto 3-1
/goto 0-1 L1
/goto mod-1
Transitions to specified level.
Modded levels require the complete
name (filename without extension)
/showhpToggles health display above enemies
/seed <number>
/seed 42
Changes the seed for subsequent runs.
/infammoToggles infinite ammo
/noreloadToggles weapon cooldowns
Toggles immportality
/hitboxesToggles display of collision masks
/noenemiesToggles enemies
(replace them with dummies if enabled)
/sdc <name>
/sdc test
Saves a configuration for later use.
/ldc <name>
/ldc test
Loads a previously saved configuration.

Install instructions

/loadmod debug

May require a beta version of NTT (from Discord).


debug.mod.gml 17 kB


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