A downloadable mod

A debug console style mod for Nuclear Throne Together.

For a more "visual" sort of mod of this kind, see Yokin's Cheats mod.


Command, examplesDescription
/wep <weapon name>
/wep screwdriver
/wep flame shotgun
Gives you a weapon and some ammo.
Supports mod weapons.
/mut <mutation name>
/mut scarier face
/mut -bloodlust
Gives you a mutation.
Prefix with "-" to remove a mutation.
Supports mod mutations.
/crown <crown name>
/crown blood
/crown none
Gives you a crown.
Use "none" to remove the crown.
Supports mod crowns.
/rad <amount>
/rad 50
Gives you rad(s).
/level <number>
/level 10
Changes your level.
/spawn <obj> [n] [vars]
/spawn AmmoPickup
/spawn Maggot 4
/spawn Bandit {"my_health":0}
Spawns an object.
A number can be set for quantity.
A JSON string can be provided
to set object's variable(s).
/goto <area-subarea> [Lx]
/goto 3-1
/goto 0-1 L1
/goto mod-1
Transitions to specified level.
Modded levels require the complete
name (filename without extension)
/showhpToggles health display above enemies
/seed <number>
/seed 42
Changes the seed for subsequent runs.
/infammoToggles infinite ammo
/noreloadToggles weapon cooldowns
Toggles immportality
/hitboxesToggles display of collision masks
/noenemiesToggles enemies
(replace them with dummies if enabled)
/sdc <name>
/sdc test
Saves a configuration for later use.
/ldc <name>
/ldc test
Loads a previously saved configuration.

Install instructions

/loadmod debug

May require a beta version of NTT (from Discord).


debug.mod.gml 17 kB


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107-1-хранилище y.v   с ящикоми

Не удалось найти файл «debug» что делать 

yellow can't load the mod (and it happens with the other mods of the community)

See if you are extracting the mods into the right directory ("mods" inside game directory). You can also make a "mods" directory inside your save directory if you prefer.

I've done it but it still doesn't work

I'd suggest to ask on Discord for slightly more real-time troubleshooting.

its possible to get a ultra mutation whit a command?

You could do /gml ultra_set(5, 2, 1)

where 5 is character index (1=Fish,2=Crystal,etc.) and 2 is ultra mutation index (1,2,3). Pass 0 as the third argument to take it away

is there a list of all the places /goto works with? i'm trying to get to the IDPD HQ and it's not working.

(1 edit)


100-1 is vault
101-1 is oasis
102-1 is pizza severs
103-1 is mansion
104-1 is cursed caves
105-1 is jungle
106-1 is HQ

how to move to the crown vault with /goto

/goto 101

can we  spawn idpd van and give me all enemie id list




Cheat Code Activated