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Sometimes you have to ask yourself important questions, such as:

What if crowns, but with guns?

The Crown of Gun is very much that, a crown that wields a weapon and attacks nearby enemies.

At the start of each level, if you have a secondary weapon, you'll swap weapons with the crown, allowing to upgrade it's gear this way.

Crowns have decent aim and can use most melee and ranged weapons.
Crowns will spend your ammo, or, in case there's no more left, will generate their own ammo at a slow pace (not to make them useless).

Requires NTT 9936+.
Compatible with Crown Train if using NTT 9938+.

Known issues:

  • Some mutations (trigger fingers, stress, etc.) do not work for crowns
  • As with any crowns, can get lost on complex levels.
    If this happens, stand still for a few (7) seconds and the crown(s) will be teleported to you.


CoGun.crown.gml 10 kB

Install instructions

/loadcrown CoGun

Don't forget to get a current version of NTT from Discord!


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Why can't I download NTT 9936 from its homepage?

Because I usually push a new public update once all bugs had been fixed and it seems pretty stable, and, well, not all bugs are fixed yet. Also I accidentally added some new bugs because of deciding to add some scripting features.