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If you are feeling a little lost as to how does one make skin mods, this mod is intended to help - you specify what character + skin you'd want to base yours on, and the mod makes you a placeholder mod directory with everything ready to go - you can then add your own code, or just edit the images to your liking.

Works for built-in characters and most custom characters.

Installing: put the downloaded file into your mods directory

Loading: /loadmod autoskin

/autoskin <race name> <skin> <your skin name>
for example, /autoskin fish A test
Generated mods can be found in %LOCALAPPDATA%/nuclearthrone/data/autoskin.mod (you can copy-paste that path into Explorer address bar) and are usually to be copied into primary "mods" directory for editing. Loaded via /load <your skin name>


autoskin.mod.gml 6 kB


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Trying to get the sprites for chicken and the headless sprites are missing, any solution?

Look up the sprite names here, /savesprite them, and add cases for them into skin_sprite template.

Uploaded a new version that fixes this - otherwise can add

default: return -1;

after the //comments in the switch-block in skin_sprite.

YEAH! thx, it's work! u best

Getting this error upon loading the mod. Help!

May need to install NTT beta from Discord (is linked in NTT description on itch)

(1 edit)

Thanks! :) Will do
EDIT: It's working now. Thank you very much :D

this mod makes making skins look less tedious than before. Rather than hunting for each sprite and  hoping for the best, I can actually just get a  template. Thank you!