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What this is:

Sometime in 2018 (>1.4.1804 / >2.1.4), GameMaker runtime was updated to no longer poll gamepads when the window is not in focus. On one hand that is good, because you can switch between gamepad-controlled applications without accidentally throwing your character off a cliff, but sometimes you do want to poll gamepads while in background.

This little extension fixes that by convincing the game that the window always has focus (as far as gamepad logic is concerned).

How to use:

Call gamepad_force_focus() once. That's it.
If you for some reason need to disable the extension later, call gamepad_force_focus(false).


Based on this tweet by Russell Kay, this likely only works with XInput devices.


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gamepad_force_focus.gmez 36 kB
gamepad_force_focus.yymp 43 kB
gamepad_force_focus_demo.zip 1 MB


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Do you have anything that would force the gamemaker application to draw above everything on the screen no matter what?

See this screenshot: http://prntscr.com/v7q3rk

I'm using a different extension of yours to draw this animated character with a transparent background. Currently, I can even move her around and the background updates so that it always stays "Transparent". However, if I click on google chrome, she disappears.

This is just a test since I only discovered your wonderful extensions today, but my idea is to have an "idle rpg" game that's always on top of your screen (aside from fullscreen applications). I actually have the entire game designed too, but dropped it since previously I couldn't solve the transparent background issue.

Let me know if you have anything that can do this :)

Window Commands has window_set_topmost, which would be what you want.

Finally, I can play multiplayer and actually communicate at the same time.

Yeah, same idea


You actually did it, lol.