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Supported platforms: All (see notes below)
Supported versions: GameMaker Studio≥2.3

This extension allows you to load animated GIFs as sprites into your GameMaker games!
It is based on Haxe "format" library implementation contributed by Yanrishatum.


  • sprite_add_gif(path, xorigin, yorigin, ?delays_array)➜sprite
    Equivalent of sprite_add. Path should point to a valid GIF file.
    If delays_array is provided (optional), per-frame delays (in centiseconds) will be pushed to it, allowing for accurate playback (see demo project).
  • sprite_add_gif_buffer(buffer, xorigin, yorigin, ?delays_array)➜sprite
    Same as above, but takes a buffer with GIF file inside.

Setting up

Import the GifHx script into your GMS≥2.3 project.


  • As a pure-GML extension, it isn't super fast.
    Doing LZW decompression in GML hurts! (though slightly better with YYC)
    Probably don't use this to load multi-megabyte GIFs.
    It may be possible to optimize the code a little.
  • As of beta runtime, doesn't work on HTML5 due to a code generation bug.
    This will probably get fixed sometime soon.
  • Note that the example project is mostly intended for Windows because GM doesn't implement file dialogs on other platforms.
    The default sample GIF will still load though!


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GifHx.gml 36 kB
sprite_add_gif.zip 39 kB
sprite_add_gif_gms1.gmz 399 kB

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I haven't started building my games yet. But this seems like a must-have. Thanks. 

(1 edit)

It might be perfect for an animated logo after the splash screen, if hopefully works on android build. I will try it sometime in the future when the game is almost finished

If a logo is pre-determined, you could very well add it as an actual sprite and assign it into a separate texture group so that it doesn't take up any space used by in-game imagery.

The extension should work fine on Android though.

Thank you for replying! 

I've already implemented on previous project the logo as you described. I am just looking for a neater way to do it.