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This simple extension provides an external debug message log server for GameMaker Studio and GameMaker Studio 2 games.

Such a thing can be useful for:

  • Seeing the debug messages when not running the game from IDE (e.g. when testing multiple instances of multiplayer games).
  • Have multiple game instances send messages to the same log (also good for debugging multiplayer).
  • Constantly logging data without worrying about overflowing the output log.
  • Logging data on platforms with broken logging (e.g. OSX).
  • Logging over network.
  • Having persistent log between game launches.

Setting up:

  • Add the extension to your project (right click on extension - Add Existing - pick the .gmez file).
  • Add the included files from extension to your project.
    These are marked to not be included in any builds by default.
  • Somewhere on game start, add netlog_init("<server ip>", <server port>);
    e.g. to connect to the same computer on default port you would do netlog_init("", 5101);. Omitting this will display netlog(_) messages via show_debug_message(_) instead.
  • Add a "Async - Networking" event to any persistent controller object and add netlog_async_net(); there.
  • When you need to display debug information, use netlog("<message>");. If you already have a custom debug log function, may very well add the call to there.
  • If using GMS2 macOS, install Neko VM runtime (Windows version uses .NET runtime).


  • GMS1: Double-click "netlog.exe" in Included Files to start up the program.
  • GMS2 Windows: Right-click "netlog.exe" in Included Files and pick "Edit".
  • GMS2 macOS: Right-click "netlog.n" in Included Files, pick "Open in Explorer/Finder (Ctrl+Shift+O)". Open terminal in that directory and do "neko netlog.n".

Source code: https://github.com/YAL-GameMaker/netlog

Have fun!

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