A Windows x64 compatible version

This update introduces an YYMPS file for GMS2.3+ that works with both the regular and the new Windows x64 runtimes.

I have also finally put up the asset on GM Marketplace (read: managed to convince the website to accept my GIF by re-uploading it 10 times in a row) and am taking this opportunity to bump the price to $2.95 since transaction fees can be a trouble on $1 payments.


display_mouse_lock (for GMS2.3+).yymps 86 kB
May 23, 2021

Get Native mouselock for GameMaker

Buy Now$2.95 USD or more


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I don't know if I'm doing something wrong?  This works perfectly when running in debug mode, but not normal mode for some reason.

That sounds like a GM issue, but you can probably copy the DLL file over by hand (or add a copy to Included Files) if GM fails to.