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Hi, is there a way to configure extension to work on Opera GX games platform? When I test it on HTML5 it works, but on platform it is not working.

Not as far as I know - GX target doesn’t currently support JS extensions, and you can’t do this without JS.

Okay, thanks.

Is there a way to copy an image TO the player's clipboard, from HTML5?

It is something that can be implemented by scrapping parts of my other extension (Screenshot Save Dialog) in a few hours / $60 or so, but the related API (ClipboardItem) is only implemented in desktop Chromium, making it something that you can’t actively rely upon as of yet.

Got one of these for normal desktop export or only possible on html5?


There are already extensions for that (drag and drop, various dialogs). There’s not an up-to-date extension for pasting images from clipboard, but that’s something that has more caveats than one would expect.


It's not working for me, I'm using Mac and tested in Safari, Firefox and Chrome.


Have you clicked the game embed to give it focus first?

Just tried in Chrome on MacOs Mojave.. gave focus to frame.. no go.. 


Try now, should be fixed (had to explicitly make GM not consume the Cmd+V keyboard shortcut)


works for me now.