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This font was initially designed as a replacement for a selection of arcade-styled fonts, as it had proven challenging to find a 7x7 font that would be consistently readable and support a variety of characters (even Latin Extended A is uncommon).

Nuclear Throne uses a variation of this font styled to look closer to the game's originally used "Press Start K" font.

cc.yal.7w7.block sits on a 8x9 pixel grid
(or 8x8 if you are comfortable with some glyphs brushing against others)

cc.yal.7w7.block.uc sits on a 8x8 pixel grid

It supports Basic LatinLatin Extended ACyrillic and Greek & Coptic, making up for the largest glyph count out of my fonts to date.

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cc.yal.7w7a non-profit.zip 47 kB
Version Apr 02, 2019
cc.yal.7w7a business basic.zip 157 kB
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Version Apr 02, 2019
cc.yal.7w7a business pro.zip 157 kB
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Version Apr 02, 2019


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Hi, YAL! Any chance this could be made available with the CC-Atribution+ShareAlike license?

(1 edit)

That would mean effectively surrendering the ability to ever make money back for time I've put into drawing the font, so I'm not entirely sure why I would want to do so?

Edit: non-profit license vaguely maps to CC-BY-NC though.

(1 edit) (+1)

Sorry, but I don't follow the reasoning. Wouldn't proprietary projects  be incompatible with the CC-BY-SA? Such projects would still have to pay you to use the font. I thought it was a "GPL-like" license for creative works.

As per licence text, CC-BY-SA only requires that you distribute your contributions to the material (so, in this case, font edits) under the same licence, not that you distribute your projects under that license. So that's LGPL rather than GPL.

I see. Thanks for taking the time to clarify, and I'm sorry for the confusion.