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Versions: GameMaker: Studio 1.4.1773 .. 1.4.9999
Platforms: Windows, Windows (YYC)

This extension fixes the buffer_set_surface function in GameMaker: Studio by providing a fallback implementation if the original function doesn't work.

How to use

Import the GMEZ file from itch (right-click on the Extensions folder in the resource tree, pick "Import extension") or download the example project (GMZ)

You don't have to replace any function calls - the extension will redirect calls to the original function automatically.


  • buffer_set_surface_detect() This function detects whether the original buffer_set_surface function works correctly and sets buffer_set_surface_uses_fallback accordingly.

    It will be automatically ran when called buffer_set_surface for the first time, but you can also run it yourself if you need to know whether the fallback function is going to be used without calling buffer_set_surface.

  • buffer_set_surface_uses_fallback This global variable indicates whether the fallback function is being used.

    It is true if it is, false if it isn't, and undefined if neither buffer_set_surface nor buffer_set_surface_detect have been called yet.


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buffer_set_surface_fix.gmez 9 kB
buffer_set_surface_fix_demo.gmz 384 kB

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