A downloadable mod for Windows

This is a small mod that introduces SUPERHOT (or Heat Signature)-esque mechanics to Unexplored - the time only moves when you do!

It is inspired by a small video from the game's official Twitter account showing some game footage in slow motion. This got me thinking "Hey, that looks just about the pace the game goes in Heat Signature during combat. I wonder how'd this work as an actual game mechanic". Pretty well, apparently!

Extra links: source code on GitHub


Unless you are moving (or trying to), attacking with a melee weapon, or using the respective button to look forward, time slows down to 10% of normal.

For ethical reasons, leaderboard submission is disabled while this mod is active.


Extract the binary to the game directory, run BoilingHot executable to patch.

Once that is done, you can remove the mod's files - you won't need them.


Replace Unexplored executable with Unexplored-Original (which the patcher makes for you automatically)


BoilingHot.zip 259 kB


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It looks very intriguing and funny!