For when something is wrong but you can't quite put a finger on it

i was originally going to do a full-sized submission but it turned out that things are busier than expected right now, so I made this wonderful piece of software that takes a snip of text and randomly replaces every symbol by some other similar-looking symbol. Since glyphs vary in their size, style, and even thickness, the result is wacky and akin to combining cutout characters from magazines.

Made for GM's Hammer Jam.

ℍα𝕧ℯ ꜰun!

Made withGameMaker: Studio


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yo guys check out my funni text effect

Ь𝕦 n𝕖 α𝕘ᥙძαr sеɴ 𝕟𝕒ᴘtᛁn

αɡսԀ𝕒ʀ godot ĸ𝕦ւ𝕝аnוʀѕа bᴀɴ𝕝ᴀɴα𝕔ᴀĸ


ᴛᏂαnκѕ ғoг maᴋו𝕟g tҺוs!


ℝ𝕖αll𝕪 GooⅮ ᠄⫐ 𝕃Оᒪ 1O/1𝟘


ꚌᏂesℯ сomᴍℯոtѕ a𝕣е ĸіւlɪnɢ ᴍe


O𝕙 𝕘od, t𝕙𝕚ꜱ і𝕤 a𝕞ᴀz℮.


ᛏᏂᴀոᴋ 𝕪oᥙ!


ωo𝕨 10/1O 𝕒mα𝕫ɪɴ𝕘




Aмαziɴg t𝕠oւ 1O/1Ø


i Ꮷ𝕠nt κո𝕠ᴡ ᴛᏂe ᴘoint ᑲuᴛ iᴛѕ сoo𝕝


ⵊ ʟovᴇ tʜiѕ﹐ eѕᴩe𝕔ially tҺе ‛oh 𝕟𝕠′ Ьᥙ𝕥to𝕟


𝕎Һа𝕥 a ɪոʗ𝕣𝕖ⅾіb𝕝е ᴛ𝕠𝕠ʟ


Νow ⵊ ϲаո 𝕥ʏᴘe a гαns𝕠m lᴇttᴇг

(1 edit) (+2)

N𝕠ᴡ, I ĸ𝕟oա wႹ𝕠 ᴡ𝕣otᴇ  𝕥һe Ꭱ𝕒ᴍꜱ𝕠м ʟ𝕖𝕥t℮r!


Н⩓ᎻᚤᎻɅ ʏ𝕠𝕦 𝕞aᑯе мʏ daу﹗

(1 edit) (+1)

ѕoᴍ𝕖ᴛႹі𝕟ɡ 𝕚𝕤 ᴡʀoոɢ wiᴛҺ 𝕥ʜis t𝕠𝕠𝕝 ⦅јust ᴋiԁdіnɢ)


ᴡʜy 𝕒m ו ʜer𝕖


lo𝕝 ѕo fսnɴʏ мսѕt tу𝕡𝕖



Ꭲհiꜱ וꜱ Һow Ι′𝕞 goו𝕟ɡ ᴛo ᴛa𝕝к ꜰʀoᴍ ոoԝ on
Ꭲһаɴᴋѕ ꜰ𝕠𝕣 tհe ɢгеα𝕥 ᴛ𝕠ol!