Steam inventory functions and test project updates

  • I updated the documentation to cover more of the functions and include more code examples!
  • I added functions for Steam Inventory Service!
    These are fairly straightforward but not cannot be tested with the sample project due to how Valve’s API demo (Spacewar) is set up.
  • Although not visible from user’s perspective, I made major improvements to how this extension is being written! It now uses a tool I made, which means that adding a function that returns a Steam ID no longer requires adding 2-3 C++ functions and a GML script.
  • I cleaned up the test project (which is on GitHub) a little.
    There are still miles to go in terms of readability, but at least you can switch between the few existing demos without commenting code out.


Steamworks_gml (for GMS1).gmez 202 kB
Version 2021-04-19 Apr 19, 2021
Steamworks_gml (for GMS2).yymp 365 kB
Version 2021-04-19 Apr 19, 2021
Steamworks_gml (for GMS2.3+).yymps 408 kB
Version 2021-04-19 Apr 19, 2021

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