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Unless I'm doing something extremely terribly wrong, it looks like window_resize_fix_init() crashes on the newest version of GMS 2.3 IDE. Can anyone else replicate this or is this a me problem?


The recent runtimes have removed a number of long-deprecated functions (including display_set_size), meaning that this extension has to be rewritten somewhat now. I’ve not gotten around to it yet since it’s not a very straightforward thing to research.

Thank you, I appreciate the reply :)

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Slightly niche, but seems to break if you're running multiple monitors with different scaling. Here's a video of the demo. Monitor on the right is 3840x2160 @ 150% scale, on the left is 1680x1050 @ 100 % scale. If I set both to the same scale this issue disappears.


I understand why this is happening (mismatched screen scales cause screen coordinates to be uneven and not match up with screen pixels) but I’m not sure how I’m supposed to fix this without doing a lot of legwork.

Totally fair xD