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Thank you, this helped to solve a problem I was having with opening URLs. For anyone here to be able to crack open a web link, just do;


It would be amazing if there was execute shell for android. Would definitely pay in the marketplace for an android execute shell like function.

Is your intention to open a file or launch another application?

I was thinking about launching an apk file or opening another file as well with a function (script) similar to execute shell.

Could you explain to me how to simply open a webpage with this? in GM 1.4

See the “Create an internet shortcut and open it in default browser:” right in the page description

Do I have to create the shortcut first? Or can i just run a command to open a webpage?

The snippet creates a shortcut and then opens it, as the title says. Paste it into some keyboard press event and see what happens

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I found if i just used execute_shell_simple("url") it worked :)

Can you make it work for Android?

That requires a complete rewrite and investigating how and whether that could be done on Android, so probably not.

Thanks for this! Really comes in handy. I have however noticed that it doesn't seem to work on some computers.

When I launch my game I'm checking for an update, if there is one I download the updated version to the working_directory. When the .exe is downloaded I run it with your script. Work flawlessly on two of my computers, but for some reason it doesn't on the last one I tried it on 🤔

I don't know if you have any idea why?

Anyways, thanks for making this! 😀

It is possible that your executable gets confiscated by an antivirus program for the duration of scan - try with something simpler like a .txt file first.

i get the execute_shell_simple_raw thing and not the original function, for some reason the examples dont work

I don’t know how you have accomplished this since I checked and both the extension and the sample project have the DLL + GML files.


Thank you for this! :D

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Hey YAL, love your stuff. (question about transition to Windows 64)

If you are using the new 64-bit Windows runtime, you should be aware that it breaks every single existing DLL. I wouldn’t recommend using it unless you are confident that every extension you use can be updated.

As for my extensions in particular, a quick search shows that I have dozens of ones that use DLLs, and many of them have not been migrated to GMS2 (instead relying on compatibility scripts), so it will take a while to update all of them.

If it is extremely urgent, you may attempt to compile extensions yourself using the source code that is either included with the extension (for paid extensions) or linked on the extension page (for free extensions), though code changes may be required for - argument and return types vary 32-bit to 64-bit for many system functions.

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I'm kind of in a bind. Releasing a large update for my project on the 25th, and the 64x stops some memory allocation issues people were having, but I also don't want to lose your mouse_lock stuff :L

How would I go about compiling it myself, I don't know what the heck I'm doing with extensions?

If this is not something I could realistically do quickly on my own, no worries.

Good stuff

Thank you!